Health Systems

InfuCare Rx Health, a digital care management platform, offers health systems an innovative partnership approach to seamless patient transitions across the care continuum. Our collaborative and data-driven methodology utilizes best industry practices to reduce healthcare costs and increase patient quality of life, resulting in positive clinical outcomes.


Welcome to the InfuCare Rx Health experience!

Seamless Transitions

The InfuCare Rx® innovative partnership approach transforms and improves the community patient healthcare experience. Our personalized care coordination, comprehensive pre-hospital discharge consultations and seamless site-of-care transitions are just a few ways InfuCare Rx Health helps reduce healthcare costs and in-patient length of stay.

High-Quality Care

We maintain a high-quality, care-management infrastructure to improve patient outcomes, decrease hospital readmission rates and avoid unnecessary emergency room visits. Our experienced and highly-trained multidisciplinary team of pharmacists, nurses, dietitians, and dedicated customer service professionals are accessible anytime, anywhere. InfuCare Rx Health ensures a coordinated approach throughout the entire duration of therapy.


HIPAA compliant

Secure access to patient data

Progress reports

Monitor patient status in real-time

Instant response time

Live multidisciplinary team members

Valued-Based Solution

Health system stakeholders can obtain a customized dashboard view of all active patients on service with InfuCare Rx. Our mobile integrated platform provides digital solutions to improve ease of patient care and transparency. Customized quality metrics regarding patient compliance, re-hospitalizations, therapy complications, and patient satisfaction enable you to actively monitor patient care and outcomes.