InfuCare Rx Health, a digital care management platform, offers cutting-edge technology that delivers a comprehensive healthcare ecosystem to manufacturers. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies trust InfuCare Rx® to effectively distribute their products, whether with ongoing program support or new product launches.


Welcome to the InfuCare Rx Health experience!

Data-Driven Methodology

InfuCare Rx utilizes a comprehensive data-driven methodology across the partnership continuum. We offer a complete range of customized solutions to manufacturers, as well as patients and physicians to meet their individual needs. InfuCare Rx supports the complexities of distribution management, reimbursement and managed care contracting, data collection and reporting, while promoting treatment education to enhance patient compliance and adherence.

Real-Time Statistics

InfuCare Rx’s digital platform allows manufacturers access to real time physician dispensing data, drug utilization data and patient demographic data to analyze trends and identify unmet needs that may require further analysis. Additionally, our comprehensive model also offers information regarding shipment trends, medication adherence statistics and inventory management.


Customized dashboard

View data points tailored to your organization's needs

Instant access

Gain real-time access anytime, anywhere

Target key data

Filter through a variety of information for optimal results

Leading-Edge Technology

Each of our manufacturing partners can access a portal with customized dashboard views enabling them to target key data elements to ensure complete and successful treatments leading to the optimization of patient outcomes. InfuCare Rx continually strides to improve the lives of our patients through access to the best quality service and care. Along with our patient retention track record and nationwide presence, InfuCare Rx is your partner of choice.