Prescribe with Ease

As one of the leading specialty infusion service providers, our team understands the complex nature of infusion therapy services. Therefore, we make prescribing a seamless process with help from our clinical experts available 24/7. Click below for feedback.

Sustainable Medications

Treatment is optimized in a cost effective way through efficiency and fiscal responsibility. We are contracted with many managed care organizations, private and commercial insurance carriers, pharmacy benefit management plans, and Medicare and Medicaid programs.
Health Systems

Patient Monitoring

Our state of the art technology platform allows health systems to review patient progress and approve interventions. Individualized care plans help to achieve optimal treatment outcomes. Regular communication regarding compliance, outcomes, and potential side effects enables us to quickly address any issues.

Vast Network

Throughout the years, InfuCare Rx has established a solid business network consisting of a multitude of companies and organizations. Reimbursement specialists and pharmacists work closely with our partners to maximize copay assistance through manufacturer programs to lessen out-of-pocket costs.