InfuCare Rx Health, a digital care management platform, offers cutting-edge technology that encompasses the complete healthcare ecosystem at your fingertips. Managed care organizations trust InfuCare Rx® to offer quality clinical care in a cost-effective setting and to be a partner in maximizing the healthcare dollar.


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Data-Driven Management

InfuCare Rx Health’s digital platform provides safe and effective access to your members’ outcomes data. We offer a complete range of customized solutions to payors, patients, prescribers and health systems to meet their individual needs. InfuCare Rx supports the complexities of managed care contracting, data collection and reporting to improve medical and pharmacy benefit management while promoting industry leading outcomes.

Value-Based Metrics

Managed care partners can obtain a customized dashboard view of all active members on service with InfuCare Rx. Our mobile integrated platform provides digital solutions to improve ease of patient care and transparency. Regular communication regarding patient compliance, therapy adherence, hospitalizations and outcomes, including adverse reactions and line infections, enables you to actively monitor member care and spend.


Therapy-specific reports

Hemophilia, neurology and immunology

Target key data

Filter through a variety of KPI’s to create industry benchmarks

30K+ annual infusions

Clinical management by an interdisciplinary team of experts

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Leading-Edge Technology

InfuCare Rx’s Health solutions transform manual patient care communications and reporting processes into digital workflows that improve efficacy and treatment results. This creates a model that is scalable and can easily measure outcomes for value-based care. Our managed care partners can access the portal with customized dashboards, enabling the management of a high- performance network. Along with our patient retention track record and nationwide presence, InfuCare Rx is your partner of choice.