2023 Scholarships

We are pleased to announce the 2023 InfuCare Rx® Scholarship Program recipients! We proudly congratulate the following students: Caitlin Sorrell, Luc Chapall, Kyle Rowton, Tanisha Armstrong, Jack Law, and Elliott Janis. The annual InfuCare Rx Scholarship Program offers three categories: bleeding disorders, neuromuscular conditions, and primary immunodeficiencies. Our program offers financial support for individuals diagnosed with these chronic conditions and pursuing higher education to expand their careers and better their futures. With each passing year, we receive a significant number of qualified individuals, which makes the decision process tremendously difficult. The individuals who apply bravely battle their health challenges while dedicating time and effort to their studies. Ultimately, the students selected stood out as people who symbolize determination, courage, and the willpower to never let their condition stop them from their dreams!
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