We are pleased to announce the 2023 InfuCare Rx® Scholarship Program recipients! We proudly congratulate the following students: Caitlin Sorrell, Luc Chapall, Kyle Rowton, Tanisha Armstrong, Jack Law, and Elliott Janis.

The annual InfuCare Rx Scholarship Program offers three categories: bleeding disorders, neuromuscular conditions, and primary immunodeficiencies. Our program offers financial support for individuals diagnosed with these chronic conditions and pursuing higher education to expand their careers and better their futures.

With each passing year, we receive a significant number of qualified individuals, which makes the decision process tremendously difficult. The individuals who apply bravely battle their health challenges while dedicating time and effort to their studies. Ultimately, the students selected stood out as people who symbolize determination, courage, and the willpower to never let their condition stop them from their dreams!

Bleeding Disorders Scholarship Recipients

Freshman student Caitlin Sorrell is a criminal justice major at Roger Williams University. Caitlin’s life is impacted regularly due to her von Willebrand Bleeding Disease diagnosis, whether it be from additional precautions prior to surgeries, or the additional complications that come with painful and prolonged bleeding. Von Willebrand Disease causes prolonged bleeding, even with a simple cut or bloody nose.

She is striving to reach her goal to work in the FBI, receive a law degree, or even possibly enlisting in the military when she is done with school. This scholarship award allows her to put funds towards her undergraduate degree. Caitlin is very proud of her senior capstone project, which connects her interest of law enforcement with the large problem of nationwide school safety by creating bulletproof desks for classrooms that are not visible to the naked eye.

“I created bulletproof desks for classrooms, using regular classroom desks and bulletproof vests that law enforcement wear until the insurance expiration date on them. Since these vests still work, I decided I could attach them to the underneath of desks, so in the event of a school shooter, these desks could be flipped over and used as an extra barrier, protecting those who are behind it.”

– Caitlin Sorrell

Luc Chapall is a freshman at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, where he will study business analytics and information technology. Luc is diagnosed with May-Hegglin anomaly, which is a rare platelet disorder that can cause pain, sluggishness, and bleeding. Luc has received platelet transfusions and has experienced some internal bleeding and bruising throughout his life. Luc must therefore be conscientious of his daily activities but does not let it stop him from pursuing his dreams.

Luc has volunteered in an inclusive sports program in his community since he was twelve years old, with hopes to bring awareness to the world, not just for himself but for all people who endure medical hardships. He is so grateful to receive this scholarship, which helps him pay for his education. He is looking forward to having the opportunity for hands-on learning and making connections in college that will help him achieve his goals and make a difference.

“My brother and I talk about working together. He is studying to be an electrical engineer. We invent and create things that will help my sister and other wheelchair users in our garage. I want to be able to share our vision with the world.”

– Luc Chapall

Neuromuscular Scholarship Recipients

Kyle Rowton, a first-year student at Chemeketa Community College, is studying Psychology, Human Services, and Addiction Studies. He is also a father to two teenage daughters. In 2018, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis after an attack that rendered him with substantial loss of feeling in his body from the chest down. He has regained most of what he had lost by beginning an ongoing preventative treatment plan requiring regular infusion therapy treatments.

Kyle aims to receive his bachelor’s degree to live out his dream of helping others and returning positivity to the world. He is grateful to be awarded this scholarship to focus on moving forward with his career path. He is so proud of the compassion and support he can show his daughters. They are his most significant accomplishment thus far!

“My future hopes and dreams are really quite simple. I want to make a difference. I want to do something meaningful. I want to spend my foreseeable future helping those who are struggling to help themselves.”

– Kyle Rowton

Tanisha Armstrong is a graduate student at Emory University, studying prevention science and plans to become involved in public health policy. Specifically, she wants to focus on sexual violence against women. She has faced some challenging moments while dealing with her myasthenia gravis, all while working and attending graduate school. Tanisha has also recently become a widow and single parent to her children. Although there are hard times, she is prioritizing her health as much as possible by changing her lifestyle to manage stress, prioritize rest, monitor her diet, and navigate changes in symptoms and medications.

Tanisha has a continuous and tenacious drive to follow her dream and is now halfway to finishing her degree!

“I am most proud of the fact that I have not allowed our family tragedy to make me abandon my dream.”

– Tanisha Armstrong

Primary Immunodeficiency Recipients

Jack Law is a senior student at Indiana University Bloomington. His major is in Exercise Science, and his minor is Medical Science, Marketing, and Certificate in the Business of Life Sciences. He was diagnosed with common variable immunodeficiency as a child, but the diagnosis has since been changed to specific antibody deficiency (SAD). With SAD, his body does not produce enough antibodies to fight off illnesses. He administers infusions to himself subcutaneously once a month to provide his body with additional immunoglobulin.

Due to his condition, Jack has formed great relationships with the doctors and nurses he has crossed paths with. He has had some memorable experiences which have been instrumental in his passion to enter the medical field. Jack desires to share with the world the same level of care, compassion, and education that he has received. He is thankful for the InfuCare Rx Scholarship to continue working toward and achieving his goals.

“Due to my condition, I have spent a great deal of my life in the medical world. The wonderful experiences I have had with nurses and doctors, and the relationships I have made, have been instrumental in my passion to enter the medical field.”

– Jack Law

A freshman at Cedarville University, Elliott Janis is pursuing a degree in Business Marketing. Elliot has common variable immunodeficiency, and this condition greatly influences his everyday life. Most prominently, it causes him to be more susceptible to sickness. Although it causes him some hardships and requires monthly treatments, it has also provided him with a new outlook on life.

Elliot’s dream is to succeed in college and excel in the field of business. He wants to encourage others along the way to follow their aspirations and hopes that he can positively touch others’ lives, including his family and friends. Elliot hopes this scholarship award will help make the university costs more manageable, so he can have more funds available for other expensive costs associated with his illness as he graduates.

Even though the disease has been a massive burden in my life, and requires me to receive tedious monthly treatments, it has also provided me with a new outlook on my life and has made me become thankful for every hour in which I feel healthy and am able to do what I love.”

– Elliott Janis

It is always an honor for InfuCare Rx to support students of such high caliber in their educational journeys. Our team was impressed by their many accomplishments and is pleased to support them in their pursuit of higher education.

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