Grand Opening Celebration of Our Pottsville Nursing Office During Nurses Week

May 7, 2024 – Pottsville, PA 

In honor of National Nurses Week, we held a grand opening celebration and ribbon-cutting ceremony for our InfuCare Rx® Nursing Office in Pottsville, Pennsylvania on May 7, 2024. This momentous occasion marked a significant milestone for our organization as we expand our commitment to healthcare excellence. 

About National Nurses Week:

National Nurses Week, celebrated May 6th through May 12th, is an annual recognition by the American Nurses Association of the dedication nurses embody and the compassionate care they show to their patients. InfuCare Rx is proud to celebrate and honor nurses throughout the nation. Nurses play an indispensable role in our healthcare system, providing compassionate care, expertise, and unwavering dedication to patients. As we emerge from the challenges of the pandemic, celebrating our nurses is more crucial than ever. Their resilience, compassion, and commitment deserve recognition. 

About our InfuCare Rx Health Pottsville location:  

Our nursing office in Pottsville, PA is our organization’s dedicated Center of Excellence for Nursing Care Management. Our nursing services represent the core of our patient care model. From this centralized facility, our skilled nursing team connects with patients nationwide to monitor and coordinate their care to ensure a consistent approach to treatment. This care delivery system helps to ensure positive patient outcomes for patients receiving specialty infusion therapies.   

Our Nursing Care Management Center is a key differentiator and is part of a legacy that began in 2015 when our company was founded. It continues to uphold our values as an extension of support to our field nurses who visit patients’ homes and alternate care settings. 

About InfuCare Rx:  

InfuCare Rx is a leading nationwide specialty infusion therapy services provider for patients with complex conditions. Accredited by URAC and ACHC, InfuCare Rx provides a consistent, coordinated infusion experience for patients in the convenience of their home or alternate care setting. Our dedicated team of pharmacists, nurses, and other trained professionals strives to provide optimal patient outcomes through cost-effective, patient-specific services. 

In the News:

This event was covered by The Republican Herald. Read the full article here: InfuCare Rx holds ribbon-cutting at East Norwegian Twp. location