Congratulations to our final 2020 Scholarship Winner, Roshan Dutta!

Roshan is a Graduate Student at Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Healthcare Management. He lives with severe hemophilia B, and has served on the National Hemophilia Foundation’s Business Development Council.

Due to my diagnosis at birth with severe hemophilia B, my parents were forced to leave their lives and families in India behind, moving to an inner city apartment just minutes from the Johns Hopkins Hospital so as to best provide me with the medication and care required to keep me alive and healthy. My hemophilia-related health problems – bleeds, mental health problems early on in my life, and feelings of inadequacy – forced me to dwell on and come to grips with my status as a hemophiliac.

As I continue my career as a successful young professional, I use the skills that I had developed as a leader in the classroom, financial industry, and in my broader community to impact the lives of other hemophiliacs in America, particularly through my role in the National Hemophilia Foundation.         


Roshan’s career choice was shaped in part by his condition. Through his lifetime of experience as a hemophiliac he gained insight into both the inefficiencies of American healthcare and the ongoing efforts of providers and entrepreneurs to improve patient care and streamline the system. His experiences as a healthcare private equity investor have complemented this vantage point with exposure to the business end of the care continuum; a joint perspective that helped him determine that he is most passionate about investing in entrepreneurs who work to scale innovative technology-enabled platforms in legacy healthcare sectors. To this end, his long term goal is to transition into healthcare growth investing.

Over the course of the last 2 years, he has mentored a number of underprivileged college students into high finance roles such as investment banking, private equity and venture capital. Roshan additionally plans to spend time helping others during his MBA experience providing pro bono consulting experience at the University of Pennsylvania’s hospital system, volunteering in hemophilia clinics, and immersing himself in healthcare systems.

Roshan has been on the Dean’s List, and was recently awarded the Wharton HCM Fellowship (2020), which is provided to high caliber students, particularly those in Healthcare Management.

It is our privilege to support ambitious students like Roshan Dutta, who will use their talents to positively shape the future of healthcare.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavors, Roshan!