A special, heartfelt thank you to all of our Pharmacists, Technicians, and support staff. It takes a team and we have the BEST team out there!

-Dr. Sajal Roy, PharmD, CGP, CSP, CPSO

National Pharmacy Week (October 18-24) is upon us and we’d like to express our thanks and highlight the contributions of our valued pharmacists and pharmacy technicians for ensuring our patients medications are prepared in a safe, effective and timely manner. Their expertise in medicine, interaction with our patients/caregivers and staff members, and the relationships they build with physicians and manufacturers are instrumental in the success of our business.

Most importantly, our clinicians and technicians continually strive to provide the highest quality of care to our patients, which is very appreciated. As essential healthcare workers, having an office presence while the pandemic was at its peak, truly demonstrated the dedication and selflessness within the communities we serve.